Sharp RZ-E402

The Sharp RZ-E402 is a high performance POS terminal but slim as a tablet 

The stand comes with 4 rubber feets resulting in that the system is stable on conventional counters or cash drawer. Apart from this the 25.7 cm true flat LCD screen with very high brightness features brilliant contrast and colour as well as fast operation. The p-capasitive touch screen can be operated precisely by your fingers. Additionally the optional 17.8 cm LCD customer display gives clear item registration and payment information to customer or is used for advertising campaigns. To the several available USB ports optional various devices like printer, etc. can be connected. Needless to say the RZ-E402 is a sophisticated entry level POS terminal.

  • Fanless entry level POS terminal with I/O stand
  • Compact and slim size design
  • True flat 25.7 cm LCD colour touch adjustable screen
  • Performance CPU Braswell Celeron N3160
  • Up to 7 USB ports for connection of various optional devices
  • Windows 10 IoT Operating system pre-installed
  • 64GB Solid State Disk
  • 2 Integrated speakers

Our electronic EPOS system is powerful, simple to use and more cost-effective than traditional till systems.

Sharp have been producing high quality Electronic Cash Registers and Electronic Point of Sale terminals for over 30 years.  This is Why they are a trusted brand for any retail and hospitality business.

There is no doubt about the importance of integrating a POS system for retail businesses. A EPOS is responsible for processing hundreds and thousands of transactions, and a receipt printer has the role of printing the receipts for customers at the point the transaction occurs.

As a retailer, your EPOS system is the most important part of your business, the nerve centre of your entire retail operation.

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