Sharp ER-A411

Get the best of both worlds with the Sharp ER-A411 cash register

The Sharp ER-A411 is ideal for retailers looking for a standalone cash register with special branch features. With the easy to read backlit customer display a clear view of purchase and price information can be rotated to the perfect viewing angle. By the pop-up customer display scrolling messages like special offer promotions can be shown. Combined with the sophisticated promotion function it maximises sales opportunities. Sales can be totaled with accuracy and speed for items being purchased by inputting the article code manually or scan in the EAN product code code. The SD card slot can be used to back up daily sales and electronic journal data, which can be managed on a computer via Excel or other spreadsheet applications.

A point of sale system is a powerful tool for retail and hospitality businesses – packed with features that streamline sales transactions and assist staff members to work speedily and efficiently. However, not every business needs or can afford a POS system. Cusken, proud distributor of Sharp, has the smart solution: the ER-A411 electronic cash register.

This advanced and intelligent cash register demonstrates perfectly why Sharp is a technology industry leader. It is designed for larger businesses and has a number of the features that make POS systems so desirable. It is also durable and tough, keeping money secure.
The ER-A411 cash register uses advanced Flash Rom technology and has powerful software that can allocate prices and PLU codes to 1800 items and manages up to 20 cashiers. It can also calculate tax rates and perform currency conversions and even has a training mode to get new users up to speed rapidly.

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