Manual Adjustment Monitor Arms

Monitor arm maximize your workspace and place monitors in the exact positions you need them to work more productively. They also help when working with others, allowing information on the computer to be easily shared.

When working with several monitors, monitor arm help create the ideal configuration to fit your work style. They also open up workspaces and eliminate eye, neck and shoulder strain.

Be sure they are securely mounted. Look for clamp or grommet mounting availability and ensure that the arms will support the weight of your monitors.

The versatility of arm configurations also allows stacking, which is useful for coders and programmers who must be looking at several screens at one time.

The flexibility also makes it easy to share content with others in the office. They can be moved around so that others can easily view screen content and then moved back to ideal working positions.

It is important that the monitor workplace is adjusted optimally to prevent any complaints or injuries. Studies show that poor workstation ergonomics increase the risk of musculoskeletal problems and symptoms. Individuals who use computers for extended periods of time may experience discomfort or pain as a result of poor posture, improper adjustment or use of workstation components or other factors. In most cases, there are relatively simple and inexpensive corrective measures which can be employed to reduce the likelihood of discomfort or injury.

Contact our experienced team to find a perfect ergonomic solution for you and your workday. You can improve your efficiency and east the pain too.

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